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Green Garden Agricultural Co.


Type of organization with legal status: For Profit Company and Registered with the Dhaka City Corporation.

Established: 1993

Reg. Address: House – 44, Road – 2, Haji Para, North Badda, Dhaka – 1212.

Address: TA-487/A, Flat – B2, Boishakhi Sharoni, Gulshan-Badda Link Rd, Dhaka-1212.

Tel: +8801911380785, +8801780018399.


About Proprietor:

Mr. Raisul Islam is very knowledgeable and skilled in the field of agricultural business and landscaping. He has contributed a lot in the development and modernization of agriculture in Bangladesh. He has been trained in national and international organizations and consultants in horticulture & floriculture. He received training from International Trade Center (ITC), Winrock International and Export Promotion Bureau (Bangladesh). He is working with international floriculture consultant Mr. Bengt Brag (Sweden), Mr. John Champo (Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Malcom M. Maner (USA), Prof. Dr. John Griffis (USA), Senaka Herath (Sri Lanka). He has attended different international seminars and conferences and also presented papers in horticulture and the development of floriculture in Bangladesh in those conferences. He also has some writings in the native and foreign agricultural magazines like ‘KrishiBarta’ by Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh; ‘Floriculture Today’ by Media Today Group (India). He is working in this field since 1993 and carried out various landscaping projects in Bangladesh successfully like Grameenphone, Banglalink, Hotel Westin, Aga Khan Academy, Sumitomo Corporation, South Breeze Ltd, Dhaka City Corporation, and many other reputed companies in Bangladesh. He is also engaged in seeds and agricultural inputs marketing business.
Presently he is working as-

President of- Dhaka City Nursery Owners Association

Ex-Vice President of- Bangladesh Nursery Owners Association
Governing Body Member of Agricultural Development Organization of Bangladesh (ADOB)
Governing Body Member of Bangladesh Flower Growers & Exporters’ Association
General Body Member of- Hortex Foundation
Director of- MASAS Foundation (Human rights Organization)

Resource Person

Md. Zakaria obtained Master in Science degree in Agricultural Extension Education from the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh. He has about 17 years’ experience to work for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and various donor funded projects. He has sound knowledge on nursery management and ornamental plants, foliage and medicinal plants. During his entire career, he had opportunities to gain knowledge and experience on capacity development, contract farming system of nursery owners and supply chain management of planting materials of ornamental plants flower and foliage. He has expertise to provide technical support for landscaping, gardening, interior and exterior plantation etc.

About Green Garden Agriculture Company

Green Garden Agricultural Company is one of the reputed agri-based company in Bangladesh that established in 1993. From beginning, the company doing nursery business and worked with other nursery owners to form a nursery owners association. The company has been exporting ornamental plants, cut flowers, foliage and importing planting materials, greenhouse products, irrigation equipment, garden tools and seeds for the nursery owners, growers and gardeners. Later on, it established contract growers to get quality products. At present, the company has 20 contract growers in Dhaka and working to establish more contract growers in other parts of the country specially in Barisal, Khulna and Rangpur division. The company provides various services such as landscaping, gardening, designing, maintaining and consultancy. Moreover, the company’s technical team organized various skill-development training programs for the nursery owners, growers and gardeners.

Spread out nursery business throughout the country and ensure international standard.

– Ensure quality services and products in agribusiness specially Nursery Business.
– Capacity Development of Nursery owners, Gardeners and workers
– Import equipment, planting materials and technology for strengthening agribusiness and nursery business and make it international standard.
– Linkage with local market and export market through Green Garden Agriculture Co.
– Increase business competitiveness of the Nursery Owners



Plants rental and maintenance service: We give plants rental to different offices and showrooms. Notable of them are Sumitomo Corp., Uttara Group etc.

Landscaping service: We carry out different landscaping projects in different renowned companies. Notable of them are South Breeze Housing Ltd., A.R. Malik Seed Co.

Garden Design, Landscape Design: We also do garden and landscaping designings. Our experienced gardeners take care of the landscapes and nurse them accordingly.

Consultancy service: We also provide consultancy service. The inexperienced gardeners and growers consult us in need.

Garden Maintenance: We are very skilled in garden maintenance. Our skilled gardeners take care of the garden and keep it attractive.

Import and Export: We import and export a good deal of products.

Participate worldwide: We conduct and participate in different national & international seminars, conferences and exhibitions in home and abroad.

Products we import:

  • Live plants and flowers: We are importing ornamental plants and flowers from Thailand and Malaysia. We are planning to import plants from Holland.
  • Seeds of flowers and plants: We are importing seeds from different parts of the world like Germany, USA, UK and Thailand and we are marketing it among the local growers.
  • Garden Tools: We have imported garden tools (e.g. secateurs, pruners, scythes, lawn mowers etc.) from India and Nepal and marketed them among the local growers.
  • Agricultural commodities:We also import different garden materials (e.g. greenhouse materials, poly shed, shade net, mulching film etc.) from India, Nepal and Thailand and market them among the growers of our country.

Products we export:

  • Ornamental Plants and Flower: We have exported ornamental plants to Kuwait. Recently we had exported flowers to Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Fish: We had exported Mackerel fishes to Thailand recently.
  • Other Stuff: We also export other stuff (e.g. potato, vegetable, and other related commodities) to different countries.



South Breeze Housing Ltd.

A.R. Malik Seeds

Concord Group

Bio Properties Ltd.

Grameenphone Ltd.


The Westin, Dhaka

Uttara Group of Companies.

Hotel Sweet Dream Ltd.

Sumitomo Corporation

United Men’s Ware Ltd.


Clarke Energy


Description of some of the successful projects:


UNICOM Media Ltd.: We are doing the beautification project under Mohakhali Flyover.

Grameenphone Ltd.: We have did indoor landscaping design and plants set-up and maintenance successfully since 2010.

The AGA Khan Foundation Bangladesh: We are doing the landscaping works of AGA Khan Foundation since 2017.

United Men’s Wear Ltd.: We have did landscaping and roof landscaping here in 2015.

A.R. Malik Seeds Co.: We did designing, construction and implementation in here in 2017.

Banglalink: We did indoor and outdoor landscaping in their head office (Tiger’s Den) and other branches since 2006.

The Westin Dhaka: We did the landscaping work here in 2015-16.

South Breeze Housing Ltd.: We did the landscaping work of different projects of South Breeze Housing Ltd. Since 2015.

Concord Group: We have been doing the landscaping work of different projects of Concord Group since 2000.

Otobi: We did the plants supply and landscaping of their different projects and indoor plants supply and maintenance service since 2004.


Company Activities

The company has been carrying out landscaping and plant supplies since establishment. The company has successfully carried out large landscaping projects. It also supplies plants to offices and showrooms and beautification. Though the company’s major working field is the landscaping sector, it also is gaining resolution in importing seeds of plants and flowers from America, Germany and GBR, and distributing them among the growers. The company has 20 contract growers at present. The company participates in various agricultural exhibitions, conferences held in home and abroad. The company exports plants to countries like Kuwait. The company also imports a good deal. The company imports seed, garden tools, and agricultural materials like greenhouse equipments, mulching film, shade nets etc. and markets them among the local growers. The company imports flower seeds from different reputed countries like USA, Germany and Thailand. The company’s major portion of income comes from the plants rental and landscaping sector. The company imports plants from Thailand on a regular basis and sells them to the local fair exhibitors.



  • Ornamental Plants:We produce many ornamental plants and we supply them to clients’ office along with selling. We have also exported ornamental plants as well.
    • Local: We sell and supply many local ornamental plants.
    • Imported: We also import a good deal of ornamental plants from abroad, especially Thailand. We sell them to the local fair exhibitors and supply to clients as well.
  • Cut flowerWe produce fine cut flowers. We produce them by our contract growers. Our cut flowers are very fine and good quality. We also export cut flowers. We are also importing cut flowers from Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Cut foliageWe also produce fine cut foliages. We make neat walls of foliages in landscape projects. We are also planning to export cut foliages abroad.
  • Fruits Plants: We buy and sell different fruit plants. Our contract growers produce different types of fruit plants.
  • Medicinal Plants: We produce, buy and sell different varieties of medicinal plants.
  • Vegetable: We produce different types of seasonal vegetables as well.
  • Pottery: We produce pottery too. We have our designers and produce fine and attractive pottery.
  • Terracotta: We produce terracotta. We produce fine terracotta by our skilled potters.
  • Handicrafts: We also produce handicrafts. We produce and market quality handicrafts. We produce quality handicrafts of bamboo, cane and we produce nokshikatha occasionally.
  • Cactus: We import quality cactus from Thailand. We import different variety of cactus as well.
  • Seeds: We import high quality seeds from renowned brands (e.g. PanAmerican Seed, TakiiSeed, Benary GmbH etc.) from USA, Japan and Germany. We market them among the local growers.
  • Garden tools: We import quality garden tools (e.g. scythes, secateurs, pruners, grafting machines etc.) from renowned companies of India (e.g. Falcon Garden Tools) and we market them among the local farmers.
  • Greenhouse materials: We also import improved greenhouse materials from India and sell them to the growers.